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Name:Alanna of Trebond
Alan of Trebond is the dedicated squire of Prince Jonathan of Conte, heir to the throne of Tortall. He is courageous, talented and loyal to a fault, if a bit stubborn. (And slightly cantankerous.) Short and solid, he has bright red hair and purple eyes, just like his identical twin, Thom. Most days, he can be seen with a black cat named Faithful draped around his shoulders. The cat's eyes look eerily like Alan's own.

There's something a little bit off about Alan. But for the most part, he appears to be just like every other squire, both dreading and anticipating his Ordeal of Knighthood.

Appearances can be deceiving.

Alan has one very big secret, you see. A secret he will do anything to protect.

Oh, and he doesn't think much of Duke Roger, either.

Canon summary

Alan of Trebond is actually Alanna of Trebond. Alanna has always known she was destined for great things. Afraid that she would quickly go insane if forced to live in a convent, Alanna rebelled against the limited education the nobility deemed appropriate for females. At age ten, Alanna switched places with her twin brother, Thom. She is the one who enjoys falling down and whacking at things. While Thom went off to study sorcery with the Daughters of the Goddess, Alanna began her lengthy charade as Alan of Trebond, knight in training. Alanna intends to seek glory and adventure on the battlefield and become the finest knight in all of Tortall.

Throughout her years as a page and now as Prince Jonathan's squire, she has kept her secret closely guarded. Only a select few are aware she is actually Alanna, including the Prince and George Cooper, King of Thieves and denizen of the Dancing Dove. The Great Mother Goddess' protection helps conceal her true identity.

While her Gift is powerful and she's a natural healer, Alanna is not at all comfortable with her magic yet. Few know what she can truly do with it. Especially not Roger.

Physical Characteristics

As noted, Alanna has red hair and violet eyes. Her voice is rather raspy and she tends to sneeze uncontrollably when something supernatural is about to take place. When she uses a great deal of magic, it can be an exhausting and painful experience. Her eyes water, her head aches and she must draw upon an inner reserve of strength to transfer power. Outwardly, her power manifests itself through a distinctive outline of purple fire that looks as though it would burn anyone foolish enough to touch her.

[As of March 2012 and [ profile] milliways_bar's move to [community profile] milliways_bar, Alanna is reset under the "one universe over" clause. This Alanna, or "Alan" for the time being, is from a slightly different universe than [ profile] a_lioness. That said, [ profile] a_lioness's milli-canon remains intact, and is as follows: Through a crazy, milli-tastic turn of events, Alanna is married to [personal profile] last_adam and they have three children: Grace ([personal profile] calls_him_sam), Thom ([personal profile] knightly_cub) and Jamie ([personal profile] land_lover). After the door to Milliways disappeared for six years and left him on the wrong side, [personal profile] mnt_raph became part of the family. He can come and go now, and he's all but married to an Olau local, [personal profile] becareful_boyo. As of 6/08, the year was 449 HE; the Immortals had just started attacking Tortall. As of February 2012, Alanna and Numair are preparing to depart for Carthak for the events of Emperor Mage.

LJ Alanna (and all of her milli-canon) is available for OOMs set in Tortall. Ask away!]

Tortallan Timeline.

[Alanna (and everything Tortall) is the creation and property of Tamora Pierce. This is a role-playing journal solely for play in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. "Alan's" PB is Claire Danes. Sometimes she even has red hair! Alanna's main PB is Bryce Dallas Howard. Unless otherwise noted, most of my icons come from Hollow Art and burlesque_show on LJ.]

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